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The secret of Absalon

Interactive storytelling that adapts, and creates parallel stories, circling around the TV-drama based on facts and myths from the medieval Copenhagen of bishop Absalon.

It was a great project, driven by passion and humor. I haven’t had such a thrill since the early multimedia days when productions like Puppet Motel and Eve  inspired us.

Thanks to a class based, dynamic, production method (agile in practice) that took advantage of what was at hand, and my and Marius, proven talent for finding shrewd ways of combining assets and cut costs, we managed to produce far more content than anyone expected, taken the fairly small budget in account. AS-wise it was a one man’s assignment, solved in close collaboration with Marius.

  • Concept and story was developed by the team lead by Marius Hartmann
  • UX Design
  • UX Programmer (AS2, XML)
  • On commission by Marius Hartman, DR B&U, Copenhagen

Significant features:

  • Dynamic XML-based platform
  • Over 30 small casual games and interactive gadgets, from shot-em-up’s, jukeboxes, tekken-like-clones to simple riddles and labyrinth games.