Rasmus Klump – Fnullers Isbod

Petzi Bear – mr. Fnullers icecream kiosk

One in a number of pc-games I worked on as an employee at Savannah. This time Petzi and his friends sails the good ship Mary around the archipelago to help Fnuller, the icecream vendor, to decorate his island, so that he can get some customers to his shop.

  • UX Programmer (lingo)
  • UX design as part of the team
  • Employee at Savannah, Copenhagen, Stine Klie and Per Rosendahl.

Significant features:

  • CD-ROM
  • In every detail, even if this was a small, on the surface, simple game, we never settled with the easiest, solution. On the contrary we elaborated the possibilities of Lingo and Director, to make the details as sophisticated as was possible when it came to the elaborative parts where you can paint, decorate, mix colors etc.
  • A life like adaption of the Petzi universe – thanks to the outstanding artists at Savannah Thomas Ryder, Maiken Nysom, Jeppe Højholt.