Table Planner

Air application for the planning of events and large scale dinner parties. Bordsplan is an original idea developed by the Stockholm based company ByUs.

AIR is Adobes platform for developing apps to iOS and Android and this project really took me to the edge of AIR, and is a good example of how powerful the Flash platform is. Bordplan was designed to run as a desktop application.

  • UX Design
  • UX Programmer (AIR 1.5, AS3, XML)
  • On commission by Anna Helin and Helena Söderqvist, ByUs, Stockholm.

Significant features:

  • Save as high resolution PDF
  • Print high resolution
  • Undo/redo the previous 50 actions
  • Save work and templates as XML, takes advantage of all the new File features available in AIR 1.5 / FP10
  • Sophisticated transform tool, customized version of Senoculars Transformtool
  • Ships in 2 version, limited and unlimited
  • Built so that my client, with a designers brief understanding of the Flash IDE, basic understanding of XML-formatting, can alter the application, update graphics, templates etc.