yTeach adapted and redesigned to the Danish schoolmarket

Yteach is the largest science and math curriculum on the schoolmarket, with over 30.000 assets and some 1100 lessons.

My role was to transform the user experience of the yTeach portal, into a process oriented approach, more suited for the danish didactic tradition.

The result is a complete remake, where I decided to simplify and remove many features. Context based navigation was the mantra in this project.

ElevLab is an  intuitive and responsive solution more appropriate for danish teachers and students. It is a resource for math and science students looking for examples and illustrations.

The screenshots are from the production and may not reflect the final look of the project.

  • UX design (Concept, branding, storytelling )
  • Graphic and interface design: directing the graphic artists (logotype, branding activities)
  • Interaction design: directing the tech developers at YDP in Gdansk, in collaboration with Mikael Brødsgaard, project manager and editor.
  • Employee as Digital Editor at Alinea / Lindhardt & Ringhof Undervisnings forlagene, Copenhagen 2011.

Significant features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Teacher and students can easily reassemble the lesson and individual assets.

Find more information at Alinea.dk, search for ElevLab