ArmbĂĄndsdesigner til Godik

Bracelet designer

Godik is one of the major suppliers of “festival bracelets” for the summer festivals (you know the strap that are put on one’s wrist to proof admission to the area etc.).

Godik asked for a way to let the client design her own bracelet. Within the graphic style of the existing Godik site, I designed and developed this four step proces, where the user is free to go back and forth to elaborate the design, before sending it to print.

  • UX Design
  • Interface Design
  • UX Programmer (AS3, XML, CSS)
  • On commission by Jacob Bejlegaard, Tiger Media, Aarhus.

Significant features:

  • Saves a high resolution print matrix (PNG) that the client can use for print.
  • Sophisticated and dynamic bitmap manipulation to simulate three different print techniques on several types of bracelets with various type of media (JPG/PNG/SWF). Simulates Pantone multicolour, screen print mono colour among others.
  • Thanks to the XML-based platform it is easy for the client to alter and upload images etc.
  • The end-user can upload images and graphics from desktop (JPG/PNG/SWF) to be part of the design.
  • Sophisticated transform tool, customized version of Senoculars Transformtool.
  • Fully XML-driven application.