Kræftens bekæmpelse – Solkampagne

Safe sun campagin

Custom made e-learning solution for Kræftens Bekæmpelse (the Danish Cancer Society) who runs a campaign in 2010, with the objective to change the attitude and behaviour among the Danes, to lower the noteworthy high number of skin cancer cases in Denmark.

  • UX Programmer (AS3, XML, CSS)
  • On commission by Anders Molsner, Pervasive Learning and The Learning Republic, Copenhagen.

Significant features:

  • XML-driven, dynamic slideshows
  • XML-based quiz templates. 10 templates and approx. 30-35 quizzes.
  • Lip synced speak based on the amplitude property in AS3
  • In general a robust and dynamic solution to make possible that the technical development could be made without the final media at hand. Not an ideal situation but a practical circumstance that one often faces.