Childhood Faith

A flash microsite, that explores the churches role, through the eyes of a preschooler kid. Provocative in some eyes, to others a contemporary refreshing interpretation of the Christian church in the Danish society of today.

Here you can go on fishing with Jesus, decorate grandma’s grave, help Adam and Eve to find their way in the garden of Eden, silence the baby so the priest get to baptise the baby or why not play boggie woogie on the church organ, while Jesus rap’s along…

  • UX Design in collaboration with Jeppe
  • UX Programmer (AS2, XML)
  • Concept in collaboration with Jeppe
  • On commission and close collaboration with Jeppe Højholt and Simon Kangas DKM, Ă…rhus.

Significant features:

  • As always when collaborating with Jeppe Højholt, the site has an outstanding quality when it comes to narratives, graphics and user interaction tailor made for the audiences demands and capabilities.
  • Innovative play with sound and music