Bamses helt egen hjemmeside

Micro site for Danish televisions child brand.

Go out, grab a kid, anyone in Danish Primary school, and ask if they know “Bamses Hjemmeside”. It is simply one of the most visited pages at ever, everyone knows about it.

Jeppe and me, stuck our heads together back in the summer of 2004, and agreed that it was sad that DR didn’t have a proper microsite for the old bear that has been around the Danes with his friend Chicken since 1982. A couple of weeks later we convinced DR with our sketches, wireframes and conceptual visions.
The solution is classic, and it sure gives creed among the kids – who anyway beliefs that Bamse made the site himself : )

  • Concept & Story in collaboration with Jeppe
  • UX Design in collaboration with Jeppe
  • UX Programmer (AS2, XML)
  • On commission by DR B&U

Significant features:

  • We adapted the universe with a gentle hand and great respect for the original story and character. In every detail we showed our respect for the audience and our devotion to the craft. Our work showed the way for the Oline of today, which, since then, has grown into, most likely, one of the finest children pages on the internet.