Bamses Julerejse

Bamse – The search for Santa Claus – Christmas calendar for DR

Bamse and Kylling takes off to find Santa in 24 episodes. Every day unfolds a small game. The storytelling is spun around yesterdays episode. Surf on to the DR portal at Christmas time or ask me kindly to send a link – but you must promise to keep the secret, in case you have any kids around while watching.

  • UX Programmer (AS2, XML)
  • UX design as part of the team
  • On commission by Sanne Østergaard Jacobsen, DR B&U, Copenhagen

Significant features:

  • A life like adaption of the narrative universe from Bamse og Kylling.
  • A streamlined production where the challenge was to produce fun games or activities on a short span of time.